Welcome to the latest DOYD update!

Yes, it's been a while, but I was recently invited to the unveiling of a new pirate being added to Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, and wanted to share with you the scoop.

Do you remember way-y-y back in 2006 when the 2nd "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie was released on DVD? Do you remember anything about a sweepstakes that you could enter in honor of the release? No?

I don't blame you.

Heck, I ENTERED the contest, and I didn't remember it!


Well anyway, the grand prize for the sweepstakes was to have your likeness as a pirate created by an imagineer and have the likeness installed in the Attraction. Tuesday January 29th was the unveiling. Now I'll admit that it's misleading of me to talk of a "new pirate being added" to the ride. Actually, the likeness was painted and then...

well wait. Maybe I won't give it away... just yet.


Here's how the day went:


My fellow VF'er (as we call ourselves on the VisionsFantastic Discussion Boards) Jeff and I arrived at the park about 7:30. Jeff arrived before me, which is unusual, but I won't get into those stories here.

After checking in at the media tent set up outside the entrance gates, we were escorted into the park. Keep in mind this was about 8am, and the park wasn't opening until 10am that day. This was perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the invitation for me. A chance to enter the park a couple hours before it opens???



Service vehicles and bicycles galore were present up and down Main Street. The landscape crew, whom I admire VERY much for the WONDERFUL work, was watering and adjusting the hanging bowls of flowers that add so much to the atmosphere of the park.


I was so excited about walking down Main Street that I goofed up and didn't take my lens off "Manual Focus" to Autofocus... so the first dozen images didn't come out!

But this image turned out fine... not a soul in the picture. How rare is that in daylight?


Mickey Mouse was up in the new Disney Dream Suite waving to us as we were escorted to our brunch that Disney had set up for us inside the Blue Bayou. It turns out that Disney had been doing early morning TV news shows regarding the Dream Suite.

Notice the Intials of Walt and Roy Disney (that have always been there) are now gold leafed (a la Disney's 50th)


After breakfast and double-shot of Cocoa, we were escorted around to the front entrance of the "Pirates" ride. I got this nice shot while waiting for whatever was going to happen, to happen.


Shortly, a band of merry marauding musicians came sailing by.


I thought a quick shot of the Parrot was in order.


Some tom foolery about pirates and needing some help lifting a chest, and a new pirate entered from the right side of the building. She was ushered in because she had a 'piece of eight' around her neck.


This is, of course, our new pirate contest winner. She was not introduced as such throughout the whole skit. The skit went on about having to make a sketch...


This is a nice closeup of the winner, Jenifer Greenwell or St. Petersberg, Florida.


HUGE tracts of land
"I'm going to draw a nice portrait, my father was a speed artist"


the band plays "Theme From Jeopardy".


"Argh! That ain't right!"


The real owner of a missing portrait confronts the pirates on their theft of his valuable work of art (Played by Disney Imagineer, Jim Crouch).



The crew takes Mister Crouch over to the portrait, that has been protected by the Jolly Roger.

The show has moved further up the queue from where Disney allowed us to stand, so I was shooting over folks heads at an extreme angle at this point. I was glad I'd brought my little stepladder!


The big reveal
"Bus driver, move that bus!!!"


Oh now, that's just mean! She's no dog!


The true portrait was hidden underneath the portrait of the lovable mutt from the ride and the movies.


Jeniffer and pirates sing a last song, and then the real picture taking starts.




You'd have thought I was trying to steal his scabbard!


Our Disney guides ushered us up the queue for an exclusive "Flash OK" ride through the attraction.