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[Sticky] VF Site Forum Guidelines

Chris Lang
Member Admin

The following guidelines and rules are in place for our Forums at Visions Fantastic. Failure to follow the rules and guidelines may result in termination of your account or other action. Posting of commercial spam will result in an automatic IP address ban.

1. Keep the discussion on topic and civil. Harassment, degrading/insulting remarks will not be tolerated.

2. This is a LGBTQ Safe Space. Homophobic, transphobic or insulting remarks are not allowed. Insults aimed at an individual because of their gender, sexual orientation, body appearance or disability are not allowed.

3. No religious or political discussions. We have found these discussions often result in members breaking other guidelines. These discussions will be shut down.

4. No copyrighted materials can be shared via our forums. This includes sound files, video files or copyrighted graphics.

5. No direct linking to our photos, graphics, audio or video files. (Also called "hot linking")

6. You may advertise your own site, forum, instagram up to once every 30 days.

7. Links you share must be appropriate - no sexually oriented content, no copyrighted material, no links to political or religious organizations.

8. Your Avatar (or Facebook image featured here) must be in compliance with our other rules. (no political, religious imagery). 

If you feel a post violates one of our guidelines, please report the post using the tools provided. Click the REPORT icon above any post you feel is breaking site guidelines. We also encourage using the Ignore feature if a particular user is annoying to you.

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