Disneyland Resort Shopping

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Disneyland Park

Main Street USA

Fortuosity Shop

Fortuosity Shop

This attractive new shop located in the space once occupied by New Century Timepieces is a homage

to the Disney film “The Happiest Millionaire”. (The tune ‘Fortuosity” is a long-time staple of the background music of Main Street USA). In this shop you’ll find specialty items such as watches, jewelry and gift items.

Carriage Place Clothing 

Connected to the Emporium, this shop sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, and various other Disney themed clothing. The Emporium is the largest store in Disneyland Park.

Disneyana Shop 

This shop offers a wonderful opportunity for Disneyland buffs to get hold of wonderful research material or memorabilia. Several books on Disneyland, as well as books written by past Imagineers and animators, are available in great supply. Limited edition Disney artwork and collectibles are also available here. The “E-Ticket” fanzine is also sometimes available for purchase. Special events, such as book signings happen here frequently.

Crystal Arts/Silhouette Studio

Crystal Arts

Similar to Cristal D’Orleans in New Orleans Square (both shops are leased by the Arribas Brothers), the specialty here is glass blowing. Assorted glass products ranging from handcrafted Disney figurines to decorative vases and sculptures are available here (photo, left). The large crystal Castle on display is for sale, for about $20,000.00

Disney Clothiers LTD  

If you’re a shopper of The Disney Store, here is where you’ll find similar clothing styles. While t-shirts and sweatshirts are available here, higher quality clothing and merchandise is available as well. The store is located midway down Main Street USA on your right.


The Emporium

The Emporium 

Virtually unchanged since the Park’s opening in 1955, the Emporium is the largest store in Disneyland Park.. This is a great place to hit on the way out of the park (be warned, it gets VERY busy at closing time). If you do have the time, you may wish to visit here early in the day when it’s not too crowded and take a look at the bulk of items they have to choose from. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, key chains, flashlights, etc, are all available here in large quantities. If you’ve forgotten something such as sun block, batteries, film, etc, they have it all here.  Current Disney films are portrayed in the beautiful window displays as well.  Connected to the Emporium, is Carriage Place Clothing Company, which sells mostly sweatshirts, sweaters and even some sportswear. Opposite of the Emporium, lies the Candy Palace, which carries chocolates, jellybeans and truffles!

Disney Showcase 

This store carries themed clothing items depending on the season. Princess dresses and accessories are available here.

This building once housed the Wurlitzer Organ Company, which demonstrated musical instruments, later it hosted The Walt Disney Story (before it was moved to it’s current location in the Disney Opera House).

 20th Century Music Company

Disney and related albums and DVDs are sold in this charming shop. Disneyland Forever Kiosks were once available here, but have been replaced with the current Wonderland Music Store, in which you can get assorted vintage Disneyland albums and their original cover art, on a digitally remastered CD. Prices vary.

Main Street Magic Shop 

This tiny shop lies on the corner of Main Street, directly across from the Emporium, to your right as you mozy down the street. Here are numerous puzzles, magic tricks and gags. A great place for the kids to hang out while you keep their seats for a parade! While the shop doesn’t offer the unique products it once did, the shop is still a fun place to browse. Be sure to check out the ‘First 50 Years’ Exhibit to find out what popular actor once worked here!

Main Street USA Photo Supply

Located near the end of Main Street, this store offers film, batteries and various other photography equipment. You can buy disposable cameras, and the Cast Members can even help you out with simple mechanical problems you may encounter with your camera. This is also the location to purchase Disneyland photos that have been taken throughout the day at various locations (Mickey’s House, Ariel’s Grotto, etc). When your photo is taken, you’re given a ticket. Take the ticket to the Main Street Photo Shop (avoid going just before park closing, because it’s packed) view your photo, and decide if you’d like to purchase it. Prices vary.

If you’ve left the park for the day and forgot to check your photos, you may do so the next morning, or even up to 48 hours after the photo was taken. The best times to check your photos are during parades, fireworks or the early morning hours. There is also a kiosk in the Entry Plaza in case you forget to check on your way out. The Photo Supply building will be closed mid-2006 for extensive refurbishment and all photo locations will be moved elsewhere.

Penny Arcade 

On your left as your pass down Main Street USA, lies Penny Arcade, which has many antique gadgets and games (Check out the Electric Shock Machine!). You can get pennies pressed here, as well as advice from “Esmeralda”, a soothsayer in the front of the arcade. There’s also a candy counter nearby, as well as a large selection of stuffed animals and Disney merchandise.

Mad Hatter Shop 

Hats of any size and shape available here! Mickey Mouse ears available here in great supply! This shop is located next to the exit of Great Momemts with Mr. Lincoln. There is also a  similar store located in  Fantasyland.

Silhouette Studio
For a small fee, you can have your likeness trimmed into a wonderful silhouette, suitable for framing. Each cut is $7, and you can add a frame for an additional fee.  The artists here can cut the silhouette from photographs, or detailed descriptions. (prices are subject to change).

Candy Palace 

The ideal store for the sweet tooth in all of us. Jelly beans, chocolate and tons of candy available here. This store is located right next to the Emporium, and it also connected to the Penny Arcade. Be sure to check out their vast assortment of truffles!



Tropical Imports

South Seas Traders

This IS the place to get a Safari hat, along with numerous other items such as T-shirts, bags, belts, etc. Located across from the entrance to Indiana Jones.

Tropical Imports

This small shop which is situated near the entrance to the Jungle Cruise has an assortment of toy snakes, bugs, snacks and drinks.

Adventureland Bazaar

Adventureland Bazarr

This exotic store, which has been a cool place to get some khaki stuff. Lots of themed merchandise here, along with The Lion King and Aladdin, and TONS of plush animals. Located across from The Jungle Cruise. Penny pressing machines, along with “Shrunken Head Ned” and ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’  offer entertaining shopping!

Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost

Lots of Indiana Jones Adventure themed items. This small shop is connected to the Adventureland Bazaar.

New Orleans Square

Cristal D’Orleans

This little shop, located directly across from the Blue Bayou, sells crystal, glass, etc. Engraving is free of charge with purchase. You can get Disney themed mugs, shot glasses, pitchers, mugs and other glassware here. Cobalt blue glasses and mugs are available as well.

Couples looking for Disney-themed wedding merchandise will find a great deal of items here. All items purchased here are usually engraved free of charge.

La Mascarade D’Orleans

Mardi Gras stylings of soaps and oils available here. There are also exotic hand-painted masks here as well.

Le Bat en Rouge

This shop features souvenirs and memorabilia from Disney’s Haunted Mansion Holiday. Collectibles and pins are also available at the Premiere Shop in Tomorrowland.

New Orleans Square

Mardi Gras Cart

A cart, usually stationed outside of Cafe Orleans, stocks Mardi Gras beads, jewelry and candy.

Pieces of Eight

If your child was enthralled with Pirates of the Caribbean, (well, who isn’t impressed with Pirates?) this is the shop to visit. Several pirate-related items are available here. Personalized key chains with a limited selection of names can be purchased here.  This shop is located to your right as you exit the Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, be sure to check out the evil Queen from Snow White as she cackles in her cage, beckoning you to let her out (she originally was in the Disneyana shop on Main Street USA).

L’Ornement Magique

This store sells exclusive Disney character ornaments designed by artist Christopher Radko. Every year, Radko designs a new ornament exclusively for Disneyland. Other non-Disney ornaments are available here as well.

Jewel D’Orleans

Jewel D’Orleans

This jewelry store is unlike most you’ll find. It offers one-of-a-kind previously owned jewelry pieces dating back to the 1850’s. Cufflinks, watches, rings and necklaces. Prices can be quite high for some pieces ($24,000.00), however the shop offers a layaway plan with no interest charged.



Bonanza Outfitters

Jackets, sweaters, etc, in a Western Wear Environment. It is located near the entrance to Frontierland.

Pioneer Mercantile:

Right next door, this shop has similar western items, but also includes videos and books about the American West. Located to your left as you enter Frontierland from the Central Plaza.

Westward Ho Trading Company

Next door to the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition you’ll find the best selection of sweet treats this side of, well, just about anywhere — featuring a great selection of fudge, Jelly Bellies, jelly beans, Disney character cookies, gourmet chocolates, and more.


California Adventure

Downtown Disney

Resort Hotels