Scavenger Hunt X

Unfortunately, there will be no springtime Digital Scavenger Hunt in 2016. The following was posted by Don Shively:

Due to many circumstances, there will not be another VF Hunt next spring. It takes lots of work and many volunteers to put on these events and right now, it’s just not in the cards.

We are hoping for a possible event in September, 2016. Watch our website and Facebook for details.



20 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt X”

  1. As always my daughter and I always look forward to this event each year.

    Go team MoeMoe!!

    1968 disney

  2. I hope we get to attend this year – the hunt is always right by my niece’s birthday, and we have had to miss it the past few years. But a hunt at DCA would be so much fun!!!

  3. Boy this would be cool to attend. Not sure I’ll be doing the runDisney half marathon this year so…it would be wonderful to meet VF’ers in the flesh! We’ll see.

  4. The VF Digital Scavenger Hunt is both challenging and fun! It’s designed so that anyone play, young and old, experienced and newbies. This year, with the event being moved across the esplanade into Disney California Adventure, there’s a whole new world opened up for the teams. The park will be divided into three sections, with each team rotating through all three seeking out cropped photos and listed items.

    FUN will be the name of the game, and TIRED will be your legs!

  5. So going to be there again this year! This IS my vacation for the year! Hotel’s all set and ready to have a blast with VF!! Starting to work out now, so feet won’t be as upset this year. Need to lose 30 lbs. by Sept! DisneyGoal!!! Thanks VF for being the inspiration to get healthy every year! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to volunteering and being a part of the fun! Can’t wait to see everyone again and meet new friends. Holding the event at DCA is really going to be a new adventure. I wonder what awaits us all!
    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  7. We will have signups near the end of June or early July. Watch the VF Facebook page for details. (People who sign up early can get a discount).

  8. My daughter and I have decided to forgo the hunt this year. As we are not fans of California Adventure aside from the hunt itself we would not pay to go to this side of the park. We will miss all of you this year but you gotta spend your money wisely and with the cost of the parks now we will wait till it returns to Disneyland U.S.A. You guys have fun this year and we look forward to reading the hunt reports. Good Luck To You All!!!

    Brian and Morghan
    1968 disney
    Team MoeMoe

  9. Unfortunately due to several logistical concerns, we have to cancel this year’s event. Scavenger Hunt 9 is put on hold for now, but we hope to revisit it again in the future.

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