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Archived Updates from Brett ‘DaddyB’ Garrett:

We will be featuring 2 Past Photo Updates from Brett ‘DaddyB’ each week. This week, DaddyB’s updates focus on two major New Orleans Square attractions; The Haunted Mansion and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Many other “in progress” construction shots of the Tomorrowland the DCA Main Entrance.

26July 3, 2011 Update – In this update, DaddyB starts with some shots from Downtown Disney (this is just before Cars 2 opened and you can see some of the promotional posters for that). Construction photos of the entrance to the remodeled California Adventure and some shots of the newly opened Pixie Hollow. Also, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Haunted Mansion are featured in several unique photos. [View Update]

04June 14, 2011 Update – An exciting time at the Resort, with the newly renovated Disneyland Hotel nearing completion, along with the extensive remodel of Tomorrowland for the opening of the new Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction. Also a bunch of long-exposure shots (no flash!) inside The Pirates of the Caribbean   [View Update]




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  1. I have always loved Daddy B’s photo updates for both his pictures and his commentary and shared in his obvious enthusiasm for Disneyland. I am sorry to hear of his health issues. Here is wishing him a full recovery.

  2. Daddy B always had the greatest Disney Pics. I donated for several back in the day but on an old machine. I totally agree with his comments about the bozos that use flash on dark rides.

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