Transfering your Existing VF Account

Earlier this year, Visions Fantastic adopted all-new software. Because the new software wasn’t compatible with the existing software, we are asking previous members of VF to create a new account.

If you were a previous Premium Member on Visions Fantastic, you can continue your membership on the new website. There are just a few simple steps:

1. Create a New Account on Visions Fantastic, using either a new Username or your Existing Username from the previous website.

2. Activate your account via Email (you will be directed to do so immediately after registering).

3. Go to my page and contact me privately letting me know you’ve created a New Account, and that you’d like to re-instate your Premium Membership. I will send you a DISCOUNT CODE which you will use to Purchase a new Premium Membership for $0

4. Your new Premium Membership will be active for 1 Year, if you wish to continue to be a Premium Member after that, you will need to renew (Currently $15 a year).

Once you are registered you can take part in our new Discussion Forum and comment on our News Articles. We hope you enjoy this new version of VF!

— Chris Lang
— Founder,



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