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    Chris Lang

    Welcome! I know we’ve been away awhile – Introduce, or re-introduce yourself!

    My name is Chris and Brett Garrett and I started Visions Fantastic quite a number of years ago.

    Let us know your favorite Disneyland attraction or show!



    Ok I’m Tony host of the Above The Firehouse Podcast. A look into all things Disney. The reason it’s called above the firehouse is because Walt’s apartment is Above The Firehouse. I had an AP but it expired and could not afford to renew it plus i was a victim of arson and i lost my car because of it. The podcast we take you into the parks and I record binaurel audio and shoot video as well. Give us a listen at


    Craig D Barton

    Hi all!
    I’m Craig, formerly known as “ShunkenNed” in the old days of VF. I am currently a system administrator, as well as a freelance writer, editor, and content consultant.

    My favorite Disneyland ride is “it’s a small world.” It wasn’t always that way, but ever since I’ve been taking my daughter to Disneyland, it’s replaced even the likes of Space Mountain (Which I still love)!

    Excited to be back on VF, and can’t wait to reconnect with more Viffers!



    Well, this had been a long time I visited this site. I’m TsWade2, and you all may know me that I created fanfic stage shows for Disneyland and I’ve got a little bit obsessed about Disneyland making a new show for Fantasyland Theatre. And I’ve been obsessed about it for seven years. Crazy, right? That is, until they made a new show for FT called Mickey and the Magical Map. Such a wonderful show and I think I’ve made review of it before this site changed.



    Hi! I’m Matt or SilentMickey if you please. It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been on here. My favorite ride would be Indiana jones. Also I’m a huge Star Wars fan and nerd in general. I look forward to hanging out here again.



    barfownz here!

    Been a member since 2005!

    You all know me!




    “10,000 yeaaars will give you such a crick in the neck!”

    It feels so good to be back! Been a member since 2005!

    Favorite Disneyland ride is definitely Big Thunder Mtn. and favorite sohw/parade is Mickey’s Soundsational!


    Jason Culley

    Used to be one of my favorite sites to visit when I was stationed overseas. Saw on Facebook the site was coming back this summer!!!

    My favorite attraction is a hard one, I would have to say Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road. My favorite area of the park is Main Street U.S.A. which is the inspiration for my new project. An electronic magazine dedicated to Disneyland and things Disney, Main Street e-Zine which will launch in July. You can check out our Facebook page of the same name for updates.

    Glad your coming back soon!



    Pirates of the Caribbean.. And I miss Country Bear Jamboree.
    I used to love this site more than any Disney Page. Loved Daddy B’s photo updates the most. I guess FB kinda took all the wind out of the sails. That and life getting in the way.
    Glad Viffers are back.


    David Foose

    I’m David and I joined VF in 2006 because of DaddyB’ wonderful Disneyland photo updates. I became pretty active on discussion boards for several years using the rather silly name of Wedbliss. Visions Fanatic has always had a special place in my heart and I’m glad to see it’s still alive and well.


    Eric Fiederer

    Hello all! I’m Eric. Long time member and glad to see the site back up! Figured I’d keep the name for funsies. I never knew this kind of social networking was a thing till I saw this site way back when and I’m glad I joined.



    Good to be back!!! Terry aka Staystrong here. Boy I am soooo ready for a trip back to Disneyland. I’m going to peruse the rest of the site and dream away….



    Hiya! I’m adrianne, just like I was on the old VF. Glad to see you all again!



    I was on the old VF too (as far back as 2005, I think) and am glad to see it’s still kicking. One of the reasons I used to come here was the vibrant news and discussion forums that were Disneyland-specific and to browse through DaddyB’s wonderful pictures of the park (and a lot of its flowers) which helped me get my DL fix when I couldn’t go. It’s nice to see some of the staff and older users still lurking about, but I’m also interested to see what the new users will bring and how this new incarnation of VF will turn out.



    Howdy Folks!!
    Happy to see this site is still moving forward. I was around when this site offered many videos and audio clips that gave me the Disney fix I needed. Before VF and the growth of YouTube and smart phones ( don’t worry, I won’t mention the name) Chris was very creative at giving us a fresh fix of Disney. I’m back mainly because I enjoy what others share here. Experiences, photos, favorite foods at the park. I love to see it all.



    Haven’t been on the site in such a long time and I miss it. My name is Vikki and there never was a day where I didn’t read some posts, check out Daddy B’s awesome pics or listen to Visions Fantastic Radio…good times.

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