Mickey’s Toontown

29Mickey’s Toontown opened in February of 1993 and is located just beyond the earthen berm of  Fantasyland. The land is based on Toontown, the fictional town of toons in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The landmark attraction, which actually did not open until a year after the land’s opening,  Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin, is a variation on the dark ride in which guests can spin their own Benny the Cab 360 degrees. The detailed attraction, queue and innovative ride vehicles makes the attraction unique to Disneyland. Nearby are shops and eateries themed to various Disney characters and locations. In Mickey’s House, you can tour Mickey’s home, his Movie Barn, and eventually go “backstage” to meet  the big cheese himself. Minnie’s home is next door and offers a similar experience. The Miss Daisy and Goofy’s Bounce House offer great outdoor entertainment for younger children. Gadget’s Go Coaster is a tame children’s coaster, and the nearby Chip and Dale Acorn Crawl also offer fun activities. The only large shop is The Gag Factory, which carriers a variety of toon-related gift items.


Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

This was the first main attraction in Toontown, although it did not open for several months after the opening of Mickey’s Toontown.  Guests board Benny the Cab and set off for an adventure to save Jessica Rabbit from the weasels, all the while avoiding the dreaded “dip”.

Guests have control of the cab, enjoying a 360 degree view of the attraction. Since it’s possible to see the entire ride from behind, designers had to develop every inch of wall space. Blacklight effects and strobe effects are used a great deal in this attraction.

While the ride itself is a lot of fun, tremendous amounts of detail are present in the queue area. Waiting in a long line for this attraction seems to go by faster because there are such interesting things to look at! (Think of the Indy queue, but with cartoons). The attraction features Fastpass, so you are more than likely able to get a quick glance at the interior queue.
 Tips for Parents

This attraction can be frightening to young children. It’s recommended that you don’t ride this attraction early in your stay. Visit the other Fantasyland attractions first, such as Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s a Small World.

Goofy’s House

This bounce house, themed as Goofy’s home (you’ll find interesting items outside the house, such as Goofy’s garden), lets kids jump around without any fear of injury. The furniture and even the fireplace are made of soft materials.

Your child must be at least 3 years of age to use the house.

Gadget Go-Coaster

This toy-looking roller coaster offers a chance for younger children to experience their first “thrill ride”. The coaster is bright red with inventive supports, etc. The attraction has recently undergone a major rehab in which a great deal of the attraction and queue area have been repainted. (children must be at least 3 years old, and those under 7 must be accompanied by an adult). Pregnant women are advised not to ride.

The Miss Daisy

This ship, named after Donald’s love Daisy, is permanently docked in Toontown Lake. Children can climb rope ladders and spiral staircases, turn the wheel or toot the whistle. It is located between Goofy’s House and Gadget’s Go Coaster.

Parents may wish to take advantage of the back benches, where they can keep a close eye on children.

Mickey’s House

What better place to visit the “Big Cheese” than his own home? Take a tour of Mickey’s home. Inside you’ll find lots of fun items, such as oversized “Toon looking” furniture, and various bits of Toon humor. You’ll also get to visit Mickey’s Movie Barn, which is in Mickey’s backyard and view some of his best cartoons, including Steamboat Willie, and The Band Concert.

Continue “backstage” and you’ll get to meet the mouse himself and have the opportunity for taking pictures. A Cast Member will also take a photo which you have the option to buy later at the Main Street Photo Shop. This charming walkthrough attraction will appeal to young children. In case you haven’t guessed, Mickey’s House is merely a fancy “queue” to meet the Big Cheese himself.

Tips for Parents

If you decide to visit Mickey at the end of the day, make sure you are aware of the closing time for Toontown (it closes before the fireworks and doesn’t re-open). They often close the line early to make sure the attraction closes on time.




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