Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier,  a new land, is inspired by Disney/Pixar characters and films. It is further divided into specifically themed areas. The first, Incredibles Park, has The Incredicoaster which is the newly themed, previous California Screamin’  An all-new mid-century themed loading area, along with new characters and elements throughout.

Next door, is Toy Story Boardwalk, featuring the existing and ever-popular Toy Story Midway Mania with an all new themed Jessie’s Critter Carousel which is opening in 2019.

Inside-Out Headquarters, which will feature a family attraction opening soon.

Pixar Promenade is the last “neighborhood” and features a newly updated and designed Mickey’s Fun Wheel, now called the Pixar Pal-O-Round. Newly updated Games of the Boardwalk will feature new Pixar themes and characters.

The existing Ariel’s Grotto becomes The Lamplight Lounge, serving cocktails and appetizers within a Pixar theme.

Inedicoaster utilizes seven different colored trains (three, four, or five at a time) on a track spanning over a mile in length, making it the longest roller coaster in California, and the longest Steel Looping one in the world. The Incredicoaster is the fastest attraction at the Disneyland Resort, achieving a maximum speed of about 59 miles per hour at the bottom of the biggest drop, which is 108 feet. Incredicoaster is a steel coaster, although it is disguised to look like a wooden roller coaster from days gone by at seaside amusement parks. Guests will be screamin’ from the launch, many sudden twists, turns, and drops. The attraction’s average ride time is 2:47, which varies depending on operational statistics. Incredicoaster has a minimum height requirement of 48″ and offers Disney’s FASTPASS service. The average Standby wait time of California Screamin’ is about 30 minutes, although this varies greatly depending on various operational statistics.

Toy Story Midway Mania

Join Woody, Jesse, Buzz and all the Toy Story friends in this interactive 3D Game-attraction.

Each passenger in the 4-person omnimover vehicle participates in a series of challenges where they take part in assorted Midway games, all in full projected 3D. Scores are tallied similarly to Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.

Don’t miss Mr. Potato Head in the queue. New technology allows him to interact and respond to guests, much the same way as Turtle Talk with Crush.

Pixar Pal-o-Round

Mickey’s Fun Wheel has been re-themed to Pixar characters, is really two rides in one. The first is a Ferris Wheel (all color gondolas). The second, if guests wish to try, is a mini-coaster (Orange and Purple gondolas), offering swings throughout the two cycles of the ride. This attraction offers a great and extended view of not only the Disneyland Resort, but the surrounding Anaheim and Fullerton area as well. There is no height requirement, making this a popular family attraction. The average wait time for Pixar Pal-O-Round stays at about half an hour for the purple and orange (swinging) gondolas, while the average wait for the red (stationary) gondola is usually a little less.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel was originally The Sun Wheel, featuring a large Sun icon. The attraction was partially dismantled and Mickey’s Sun Wheel opened late 2009. The new attraction us also used heavily as a backdrop for Disney’s World of Color.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

Join Ariel and her undersea friends on a fantastic musical adventure fathoms below. Songs and music featured in the attraction include Kiss the Girl, Under the Sea, and Poor Unfortunate Souls.

The attraction features 2-3 passenger clamshells which take you under the simulated surface of the sea.

Goofy’s Sky School

Goofy’s Sky School is based on the existing Goofy’s Barnstormer at Wiseacre Farm at Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Toontown Faire.

This attraction has a minimum height requirement of 42″, and offers Disney’s FASTPASS, and a Single Rider line.

King Triton’s Carousel

King Triton’s Carousel allows guests to board familiar sea creatures such as sea horses and goldfish while they ride around, all the while being entertained by a giant calliope, which blasts the area music of Paradise Pier. The wall that houses the attraction’s electrical equipment is themed to The Little Mermaid, featuring King Triton, who presides over his Carousel. King Triton’s Carousel has no height requirement, making it a popular choice for very small guests and larger ones alike, who all come to join the celebration under the sea, which lasts approximately two minutes. King Triton’s Carousel usually has a very small wait time, if any.

Jumpin’ Jellyfish

For those who weren’;t tall enough (or brave enough) to experience The Maliboomer (closed 2010),  this tamer version goes up only 40 feet into the air, drifts momentarily, and then returns. The attraction is themed to an underwater kelp forest and the parachutes resemble jellyfish. There is a height requirement of 40 inches.  You may want to avoid this attraction if your child is afraid of heights.

Silly Symphony Swings

Based on the Mickey Mouse short, The Band Concert, where Mickey is conducting a Symphony that goes awry during a tornado.  The 45-seat Swings attraction has fine detailing on the canopy featuring scenes from the original short. There is a 45″ height requirement for this attraction.

The previous attraction, The Orange Stinger, was a giant orange with buzzing “bees” as the swings. The attraction was completely rebuilt for the latest incarnation.

The Golden Zephyr

“Golden Zephyr, you are clear for take-off”

The Golden Zephyr takes guests on an exciting circular whirl orbiting the 90-foot red tower. The rockets offer a breathtaking view of Paradise Pier and part of the Golden State. The Golden Zephyr has no height requirement, making it a popular adventure for the smallest guests. During the journey, guests can even hear some of the area music being pumped up towards the flight path, which adds to the experience with zany “UFO” sounds. The ride lasts about a minute in length before the rockets return to the launch pad. Golden Zephyr usually has a very short, if any, wait.







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