Grizzly Peak

DCA_GrizzlyPeakNight2004_1024x600_wmThe wonder and excitement of California and the rugged outdoors is evident in Grizzly Peak, Here, you can board your own hang glider for a scenic trip over California landmarks in Soarin’ Over the World, and catch a bite to eat at Taste Pilot’s Grill. In the center of The Golden State is the signature California Adventure attraction, Grizzly River Run, which takes guests down the wet and wild waterways of Grizzly Peak.

In the Pacific Wharf District, actual California businesses offer a glimpse at the way bread is made in the historic Boudin Bakeryand Mission Tortilla Factory.Be sure to stop by the Golden Vine Winery or have lunch in the Vineyard Room, a beautifully themed restaurant offering a fine selections of wines, most available by the glass.

Pacific Wharf


Leave time to catch the latest offerings in the Blue Sky Cellar, a showcase of upcoming projects at Disney’s California Adventure.


Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ Around The World is truly a unique experience. On the attraction, guests are suspended in front of an IMAX screen, providing the feeling of flying in a hanglider over various locales all over the world. The feeling is so real, you can even feel the wind in your face while flying; sitting in Section B, Row A provides the most genuine feeling of gliding, so be sure to ask for it! Soarin’ Over The World has a minimum height requirement of 42″ (107cm), and usually has a Standby wait upwards of half an hour. The attraction does, however, offer Disney’s FASTPASS  to help save time.

Soarin over California:

Soarin’ Around the World:

A nearly identical attraction is also at Walt Disney World (The Land Pavilion, EPCOT) While the film remains the same, the queue at Disney World is much more detailed and resembles an airport. Soarin’ at EPCOT replaced “Food Rocks” in the Land Pavilion.

36_DCA_GrizzlyPeakRecRock_1280x1024_wmGrizzly River Run

Your best bet for getting wet at the Disneyland Resort, Grizzly River Run, travels around and through the 110-foot tall Grizzly Peak, viewable from just about anywhere inside the park. Each seat has an equal chance of getting the wettest, although all seats get pretty wet on this attraction. Grizzly River Run not only employs special spinning drop technology patented by Disney, but is also the longest ride of its kind in the world!

Grizzly Peak Area Music

Grizzly River Run has a minimum height requirement of 42″ (107cm), Note: Because of Disney’s World of Color, this attraction no longer has Fastpass available.






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