Disneyland Photo Update

Greetings! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Photo Update. Obviously my photo skills can’t compete with Brett ‘DaddyB’ Garrett. While he’s away, here’s a quick update of things at Disneyland. This is in no way an exhaustive update – there are so many new things at the parks I couldn’t possibly capture them all in just an hour. I’ll be adding some videos to this page as well.



Frozen Fun continues at Disney California Adventure. A Sing-A-Long, Olaf’s Snow Fest, Ana and Elsa’s Royal Welcome, Freeze the Night and Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. All of these activities can be found in Hollywoodland of Disney California Adventure. Unfortunately, with limited time I didn’t get a chance to go check these out but the events have been getting very positive response. Obviously, the target demographic is young girls. ‘Freeze the Night’ is similar to “Mad-T Party”, a nighttime dancing and music party for all ages. IMG_0725
The Entry Plaza is noticeably quiet – 10AM on Sunday

IMG_0726Thankfully the “Frozen” signage was limited to just a few places.

The Disneyana Shop, also known as the Disney Gallery, formerly the Bank of Main Street, was hosting “Ghostly Materials”, a celebration of the 45th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion with some unique items for purchase.

IMG_0728Next Door, “Snow Queen’s Art of Ice” featured artwork from Frozen inside the Disney Gallery. Concept sketches, sculpted pieces and color studies occupy the entire Gallery.

IMG_0730For those who haven’t been to the Resort in awhile, here is the finished Livery Stable, opened at the end of October last year.  This new entryway serves as a pedestrian bypass in the event of overcrowding on Main Street. Guests will enter the bypass near Plaza Inn and exit through the gates above.

IMG_0736Certainly not “new”, but the new home of the “Princess Fantasy Faire” seems fitting in it’s new location. More importantly it opens up the Fantasyland Theatre for actual stage shows instead of a Meet and Greet.

The Royal Hall is a place to meet the princesses in a comfortable location away from the elements.
IMG_0737Figaroa the cat, an animatronic figure, awakens from the bird tweeting in a cage above.

IMG_0739Detailed rock work of Disney princesses. This is a closeup of Rapunzel’s tower, below.

IMG_0740The architecture and woodwork is very similar to other Fantasyland buildings.

IMG_0742The Royal Theatre, which has daily entertainment, was once home to the Carnation Plaza Gardens.

IMG_0743If you’re hungry for a bite, this snack car, permanently parked in Princess Fantasy Faire has a nice selection of snacks, drinks and desserts.

IMG_0760Interestingly enough, the facades on the right-hand of this picture are covering the immense show building for “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Fun details in the Frontierland/New Orleans Square Train Station.

IMG_0762The original Frontierland Station, based on a station that Ward Kimball built for his Grizzly Flats Railroad.

IMG_0763The “new” station is a simple covered platform.

The Fastpasses for Fantasmic are available from portable carts, usually stationed back by Big Thunder Ranch. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the color and slogan!

IMG_0751Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

That’s it! Thanks to everyone who came out to the VF Digital Scavenger Hunt this past weekend. We had a blast!



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