Happy Halloween!
and Welcome to Halloweentime at Disneyland

Before I start, let me explain that this "update" is not from a single visit to the park but from several visits that include an
early morning media event where I was given the opportunity to film some special interviews for the Halloweentime celebration
at the resort.

In addition, I need to apologize because at some point in the past 10 days my computer's storage drive crashed, and crashed hard.
I've lost Disneyland photos from the past couple of years as well as some personal photos and files. Many things were backed up
onto other drives (especially from years previous to 2010) but there's a lot of stuff missing, including a bunch of photos I took for
this update. So at some point, this update comes to a kind of abrupt end.

But don't sweat it, there are a LOT of great photos and Desktop Wallpapers (I think they're great, anyway) and I don't think
that overall you'll be disappointed.

Hey, you'll get your money's worth, right?


So, to start off, Here are some pictures from when I arrived early one Saturday morning. At some point I'll jump
to the media event photos (and videos) and then jump back to another day's photos:

Also, there's a pretty good mix of panoramic shots and HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots in this update. Most of the Panoramic shots
were taken with my iPhone's new Panoramic feature.

This shot, however, is not one of them. I hand stitched this together myself from 3 shots I took with my Canon DSLR.

Many times when I arrive at the Disneyland "Mickey & Friends Parking Structure" either an empty tram is parked directly in front of
these "billboards", or I skip this loading area altogether and take the sidewalk to Downtown Disney. So having this area open
with the great Disney villains (although missing Snow White's Evil Queen) was a "must shoot" for me.







This little vignette is several years old now (I'm being kind in saying "several").
BUT it's still very, very cute and gets lots of oohs and ahhs from folks on the tram.
As does the Goofy Ghosts further up the tramway (I didn't get a shot of that
this year).








Still love the new Monorail's sleek look and design.
Not crazy about the cars eyes, but I'm living with it. It's a nice promo
for the new Carsland over at Disney's California Adventure








Isn't it mandatory that any Halloweentime Disneyland Photo blog include these pumpkin characters heads?
(iPhone 5 pano)





This tree has been severely cropped back. The shade canopy of it used to easily be the size of the brick seating
seating area. Now it's barely half that. I'm not sure if the tree was completely replaced or just cropped back.







One of my favorite Halloweentime shots to get every year.
Love the morning sky this time. I wish the train stood out a little better in this shot, but
"it is what it is".







What's wrong with this picture?

Not only is that a construction wall on the left, it's a printed facade of city hall, too!
Nice job, Disney!

That's a great way to make the rehabilitation of City Hall not ruin the entryway facade
of entering a world of yesteryear.







Main Street Station all decked out.







a-a-a-a-nd here's my favorite mass transit vehicle!
I wish my shadow hadn't gotten in the way, but I still like the viewpoint of the bus
from the ground level.

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And here we have the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
I mean, the great Mickey.







Makes ya' wanna smile, huh?







The recently (June) reopened and expanded Carnation Cafe with indoor eating area
looking mighty spiffy with the orange-y bunting.








I walked into the penny arcade and candy shop... hmmm
I love me some Peanut Butter Fudge, but I like my Nana's recipe better than anything
I've ever had commercially.








There sure is a lot to tempt you!
I can't believe the shop was this empty. That's what you get early in the morning.








This area isn't open for business yet, so it was a great time to get a shot of this beautiful
walk up eatery without people.








From Coke Corner I skipped past the entryway into Adventureland (remembering my last couple of
updates had featured that area) And walked to the bridge at Frontierland...

My first Desktop Wallpaper to download for your computer screen.

Just click on the photo above to be taken to a special download page where you can choose the correct
size for your computer screen.








Here's a nice HDR shot of the entry bridge to Frontierland.








This was shared on our facebook page one day. I took this shot just as castmembers were backing the Mark Twain
riverboat out of the docking area to bring it around to the loading dock. The Sailing Ship Columbia was still docked at
the loading area from overnight. You would not usually get to see the two ships so close together.

I wasn't going to make this shot available for downloads, but someone on facebook requested it for thier dual-monitor setup, so
You lucky dual monitor type computer users can download this in 3840x1200 size

I'd love to see this shot on two computer monitors side by side! Lucky!








Speaking of the Columbia at the dock:

Another trick HDR shot, but I LOVE how it came out!
Right after I took this, crewmembers started moving the Columbia around to the
Fowler's Harbor dock to make room for the Mark Twain.








And here it is as it went by!





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A bit of a fish-eye lens look, but it's another iPhone panoramic processed to an HDR look.
I like that you can actually see THROUGH the Mark Twain to Tom Sawyer's Island on the other side!








I was the first to hop on board this fine morning, and made my way straight to the top deck and proceeded to get this great shot before others
made their way up (most of the first folks seemed to go the chairs at the front of the first story deck, and I can't blame
them since it's a particularly lovely, relaxing view).





Of course, I had to turn around and get a nice shot of the pilot's wheelhouse and the Big Thunder Mountain
in the background!







Finally, we were off...

I wanted to get a shot of the Haunted Mansion from the top deck, but ended up being
a little disappointed that the view wasn't better:








Just as we came upon the tail end of the Columbia at the Fowler's Harbor Dock, there was a break in the
foliage and I got this shot.








Nice shot of Splash Mountain, too.
I wish the timing had been right for one of the ride's logs to be descending
at this moment, but it was not to be.





I took an impromptu video from the lower deck of the 'Twain later on in the ride, as
I had gotten the shots I wanted.

You can find the video on VF's facebook page.
It's not much, but it gives a flavor of riding along the Rivers Of America on the Mark Twain shortly before approaching the end of the ride.



So, the day before, at the media event, I got to take some photos of the Haunted Mansion exterior, and though
I'd return and get some more photos this day.

It was, unfortunately, too crowded to get any interior shots but it has been covered in past updates and by
others on the web. Here are a couple photos I took offered as desktop wallpapers

Love the color pop!








I first took a shot like this of Jack Skellington back in 2005.
Never ceases to amuse me, so here it is once again, taken fresh this year.








Jack was out front giving interviews the morning of the media event. I was not scheduled to meet with him
and the Disney Manager on the right, but I WAS able to get permission to slip over to this area in the
wee morning hours (about 6:45am, so not THAT wee) and get a few photos in between tapings.

Actually this was the last once scheduled for the day, so it was convenient for me to take more than a
couple of minutes getting some terrific shots!








From just above the grass, looking up at the scaredy-crow








This is a longer exposure where the lights really got a chance to reflect off (and through?) the pumpkin's face.

HINT: ANY time you see a VisionsFantastic! logo on the bottom right of the picture, it's almost certainly going to be
offered as a desktop wallpaper... so feel free to click the photo and see where it takes you!


So, going back to that early morning event, here are the series of three videos taken that day.
First, I got to interview (and cook with!) Disneyland chef Jeremiah Balogh ("Bay-loff"). He showed me how to
wrap BACON around an all pork hot dog, and the makings of other truly DELICIOUS Halloweentime food offerings at
the park until October 31st (watch my reaction as I taste... it was incredibly good!).

I called this "DaddyB Meets Frankenfoods!"
Then I went over to the Halloweentime Round Up at the Big Thunder Ranch and got to cast a magic spell to bring forth
a scary Disney villain...
I called this video
"DaddyB and the Astounding Cauldron Of Magic!"
(apologies to J.K. Rowling)
After the cameras stopped, I happened to ask the evil queen what the scoop was at the resort this time of year... How should I
know she'd feed me a poison pumpkin pie slice?

See what happened:
I call this video
"It's The Great Pumpkin DaddyB"
(comma left off after "pumpkin" on purpose)



Too much fun!
I crack myself up, at least.

Truly and wonderfully thankful for the opportunity to do these videos.
Very few websites are invited as this is really a TV morning show event, so
we all feel incredibly blessed to continually be invited back.

Be sure to visit the parks this Halloweentime.

On a side note, I got the chance to have breakfast with one of the managers responsible for the seasonal overlays at the Disneyland Resort, and he said the Christmas overlay for Carsland is going to be
every bit as awesome and detailed as the land is by itself.
BIG bucks put into the Holiday overlay there, and I can barely wait to bring you photos and video!!!







So, skipping over to one of my favorite dark rides, I jumped on a boat for
twenty or so guests and took a ride on the "Pirates Of The Caribbean"...

Incredibly, it was quiet enough that early in the morning that I had the boat to myself
TWICE in a row!
So here are some great shots from that experience
(Of course, no flash pictures allowed, but that didn't stop someone in the boat in front of me... grrr)

Awaiting you reservations
The Blue Bayou Restaurant.
Disney Dining:
(714) 781-3463













Avast! Thar' be squalls ahead!


Squalls indeed!
A couple of waterfall drops, too!

Seems like there was a fight over something very important here...
(notice no seagull nesting on top of the hat at this time)







"One last shot before I die..."







"Hey! Hey! Hey!"







Actually TWO good shots of this scene this time!
BOTH of them offered as desktop wallpapers
I got REALLY lucky in snapping a shot (and it being in focus) during the lightning flashes.









Both of these desktops are quite good!
Great Halloween desktops







Somehow, I stumbled across the perfect settings for my DSLR to get decently lit shots with a fast enough
shutter time so everything's not blurry this time.

at least through these first scenes









Amazing how the red "pops" in the photo. This is supposed to be the wine
going down the pirate skeleton's gullet. As many will attest, it looks quite real on the boat.
Looks like a ribbon of fabric in the photo.






The pirate captain looking at his map...






...Us looking at his dentures.







Reminds me of the harp from "Jack & The Beanstalk".







King of the hill!




I asked about this on VF's facebook page... is this really supposed to be the actor
Geoffrey Rush from the "Pirates" movies?

It's the voice, but man, this looks NOTHING like him (to me).



The town leaders getting their monthly baths
One guy seems to have been hogging the water for the last 45+ years...






"Whar be Jack Sparrow?"






Everybody say it with me now...


















I hate to admit it, but that's it.
My computer failure seems to have struck about here.
It's only because I needed to take my files with my one afternoon that most of them were hurriedly copied to
my 8GB memory card and hadn't been erased before the hard drive failure.

This is the last photo I have... so I guess they're saying
"See Ya' Later Sucker!"
To my hard drive files.




I took this shot about a month ago during the Scavenger Hunt weekend.
Thought I'd share it now.

I know the entrance here is a copy of the entrance to Disney Studios in Florida,
but our entrance plaza (and the compass rose) reflects
these lights so prettily, I had to share.


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and with that, I've come to the end of my photo update.


I hope you like the pictures I've included, and hope the economy is starting to be kinder to you all.
many of us have had some particularly tough times, and please know our thoughts and prayers are
with you all, especially as we start to close in on the holidays.

Have a great, safe Halloween everyone!


Love uP!

DaddyB still uses his Excellent Canon 40D Digital SLR camera
topped with the magnificent Canon 510ex flash gun
with an assortment of Canon lenses.

although it needs to go into the shop for a "tune up" soon.