Disney's "Original Designing Woman" Alice Estes Davis, wife of animator, Imagineer and fellow Disney Legend Marc Davis, finally
recieved her own Window on Main Street this past week at Disneyland park. Having ones name hand painted on a window on
Main street USA is on of the highest honors that the Disney company gives out to those who lifetime achievements are influential
at Disneyland.

Alice Davis' first job for Disney was to design the outfit for Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" animated feature. The animators wanted to study
how the dress they were animating would look as the animated Brair Rose (Sleeping Beauty's real name) danced around the forest
with her animal friends. She received a call from her future husband Marc Davis because she had been a student of his at the Chuinard Art
Institute. In Alice, he found both the designer of clothing he needed, as well as finding something else in her as well... the love of his life.
They were married in 1956.

From "Sleeping Beauty" Alice went on to the live action Disney movie "Toby Tyler", designing all the clothes for that 1960 motion picture.
In 1963 Alice was asked to design the clothing for all of the dolls in Walt Disney's attraction "It's A Small World" for the 1963 World's Fair.
Alice worked with Imagineer Mary Blair to design the clothing for all 150 animatronic children of the world.

As Alice says, she went from working on "sweet little innocent children to working on dirty old men". Her next assignment was for
the new Disneyland attraction "Pirates Of The Carribean". When it opened many were in awe of the textures and realistic costume
design in the ride.

On May 10th, 2012 Disneyland held the ceremony unveiling Alice's "Window On Main Street" with her name and fictitious business
right beside her husband Marc's window just beyond the Main Street Cinema.

What follows are photos from the morning of the event, with a couple of extra shots thrown in for good measure. My thanks
to my friend Don (on VisionsFantastic known as "cavemanDon") for being my assistant and co-photographer for the event.


(wanna skip the pictures? the full HD video of the event is at the bottom, click here)


It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for the special event.
Disney escorted the online media into the park prior to the gates opening to the public.
I noticed the sunrise pink in the sky, but especially the newly planted pink flower swirls on either side of Mickey's head.

This a gorgeous desktop wallpaper for free downloading. Only two desktops, since this is more about the
Alice Davis ceremony than a "here's what I saw at Disneyland" trip report.

The final desktop is at the bottom of this update (and it's a flower).








The Disney Gallery and the Main Street Opera House are particularly attractive this morning, too!








The Disney Gallery is featuring the trains of Disneyland.
I have yet to go inside to even look at the displays, but that train
hasn't left the station yet.
I will get there.







The podium and a small diplay of Alice's art were the focal point of the ceremony.







The online media were busy getting set up shots of the empty staged area
"Hi Jordie!"







Disney Photographer Paul Hiffmeyer was around, too.







Let's get a closer look at the artwork for "It's A Small World" that
Alice designed herself.







If you'd like a closer look, click on the above picture for a much larger image.














Weird without the face, huh?







I am, I am, the good king of Siam...








It was SO neat being able to get this close to the dolls that we usually can only see from dozens of feet away from a moving boat.
















Main Street's Dapper Dans were singing as the crowd came in to be seated. Finally they introduced
Disneyland president George Kalogridis.







Mr. Kalogridis took some time to tell us about Alice.
Then introduced his Boss, Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts Thomas Skaggs.








I like this guy a lot.
He really enjoys his job, and you can tell.








Whoops! and where did these Pirates come from?

Turns out they were looking for Alice. It seems they were hoping for some new clothes after some 50 years
and thought she'd be the person to help them.








A HILARIOUS alternate version of "Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me" followed.








A zinger headed towards Tom from the pirates had me on the floor.









Out came Mickey Mouse to get things under control.









The window unveiling!
Look Out Mickey!!!























"Small World Costumer"
"Alice Davis"
"Seamstress to the Stars"








Here is the lovely and charming Alice Davis.








Mickey watching on








wiping a tear from his eye








Disney presented Alice with a miniature window for her home.








The Dapper Dans serenaded Alice with her favorite song "When You Wish Upon A Star"








and some lovely roses too.







And here's the final desktop
A rose from the bouquet that was at the foot of the podium. Beautiful lavendar color.



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