What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
I feel like going on an ADVENTURE!
What better place to start than the Happiest Place on Earth... in AdventureLAND?
Get comfortable and follow along as your DaddyB explores the land of adventure (and a few other spots) around Walt's Original Theme park.




Early morning at Disneyland is full of shadows from the low-in-the-sky sun, but on the
right weekend, it can be a great opportunity for great photographs, too!








The Main Street Transportation is already out and about and the horses are fresh and ready for trips up and down Main Street U.S.A.








I got a similar shot from this hard to reach angle in my last update, but it had many more people in it.
While this morning's exposure has far fewer guests, I'm just not happy with the sunshine washing out the sky and that same sunshine making a crazy quilt of shadows on the ground.

Maybe I'll try again some overcast day, or some day if I'm in the park early in the morning before the sun comes on too strong.

It's too bad I'll be missing the blossoms on the trees by that time though. They've pretty much been replaced by green leaves even when this picture was taken.







What do you think Goofy is wondering?







The pink blossoms may be fewer than earlier this Spring, but the Gerber daisies still make for a wonderful world of color around the "partners" statue!

This is the first of many desktop wallpaper downloads available for you all!
The dark area on the left of the photo was placed there to allow the computer icons on your screen to be seen easily even if they're placed over the branches of the tree.

While it seems very noticeable here, once stretched out to fill my screen, it's really not at all. Something about my brain allowing the darker area on the edge of the photo so I can see the icons. I don't know, maybe it's me.

Makes a great desktop, for me at least!







"You're wasting valuable time, DaddyB! You gotta get a move on!"







Here's a High Dynamic Range photo of the entrance over the gateway to Adventureland...

Another desktop wallpaper!

I love when I can get a nice crisp image like this. You can even see the detail in the weave of the background of the Adventureland sign.







Once one crosses the bridge past the usual crush of people waiting for their Dole Whip at the Dole Tiki Bar, you see the green rocks. To the right is a crossover to Frontierland, and to the left awaits the land of Adventure, where we are headed today.

directly in front of us (on either side of the rocks) are restrooms.








Here's a nice (if still shadowy) non-crowded shot of Adventureland's main area. I'm standing on the veranda of the exit to the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room.







yeah, yeah, yeah... the real name is "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room".
I like my name better.







Look out for crocodiles!








Here's just a little detail photo of the painting on a couple of the poles at the exit.

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One of my favorite places to get a pickle and a Diet Coke.

ewww... why does that make me shudder now, but I know it's so good on a hot day??








You can find Aladdin and Jasmine (and sometimes the Genie or Jafar) greeting guests here. I just happened to turn around at the Tropical Imports Shop and when I saw there wasn't anyone around, I snapped this photo.

No meet and greet yet, I guess it was still too early.








Folks in the distance are no doubt grabbing their "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye" ride fastpasses and scurrying into queue before the standby line gets really long.








Bypassing Indiana Jones, I felt like my knees could take the climbing and exploring of Tarzan's Tree house. I've been yearning lately to get some photos from rarely seen vantage points, and the tree house (of course, formerly the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house) offers some of the highest vantage points for photographs in the park.

Yes, Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn are taller, but you don't get to stop and set up a good picture or two from THOSE peaks!








Here's an "Adventureland" shot if ever there was one! Looking off from the top of the steps of the tree house you see the Matterhorn off in the distance, like a dormant volcano overlooking the British empire settlement below it.








Wouldn't it be fun to have this tree house in your back yard?

"Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!"








The Matterhorn again, the new paint job making it look much darker than it used to be.









I tried several times to take a panoramic shot of Adventureland and the rope bridge of the tree house. While not perfect, the one I took with my iPhone seemed to come out best. I kind of like the ethereal "Shangri-la" quality of the image.

Click on it for a larger version to explore, but don't mind the "ghosties" around the handrails and such.









I took a couple of shots toward The Rivers Of America and New Orleans Square (with Critter Country in the distance). A little "tilt-shift" manipulation here makes for a somewhat "model" shot.









THIS shot is available as a desktop Wallpaper. I thought it turned out a little better.
I like that it shows the paddle wheel of the Mark Twain as it rounds the bend of the River.









...a-a-and here's a really nice panorama of the same area.
It can't really be a desktop wallpaper (maybe if you have two widescreen monitors side-by-side it would work)

But click on the image to explore the much larger one in detail.
It's pretty breathtaking. You really get a sense of the scope of the theming of Disneyland.








Moving on a little further into the tree house, we see the boat that Tarzan's parents used to bring items up into their new home














Until they were attacked and killed by Sabor the Leopard!








Wow! Like 3D!








"Someone's gotta' clean up this place, and it's NOT GOING TO BE ME!!!"








In true Disney fashion, the Tarzan movie is told in a book at the park.








I kept looking out from the walkway of the tree house to be astounded at the views.
I shoulda' used my telephoto to zoom in on a Big Thunder Railroad train going by!
That woulda' been a shot!








The boat/elevator again








The "baby" in the crib actually responds to Sober's Growls with it's own little Tarzan yell.








This movie was recently on cable again.
Still enjoyable, and I gotta admit the Disney Channel TV show wasn't bad either.








Makes my room look neat!

Wait, is that a Whiskey bottle on the bureau???







Pretty neat detailing of the bedroom, that's for sure, but I still can't make out the label.







"Amber Lion"?

Hair Tonic?

Thanks to the wonder of "Google", yes it is "Amber Lion" and was manufactured
not far from Disneyland, in Long Beach! Amber Lion was a hair product.

But, I wonder how Tarzan's parents got it in England?







Just another foreign flag flying in Disneyland...

Foreigners, I say!







Another scene in another room of the tree house









Tarzan sees his own image for the first time







Here is Jane's Father's belongings...
"Professor Archimedes Q. Porter"











Did somebody say "Archimedes"???






If you like, you can click on this image to explore the professor's area in more detail.









As I exited the tree house (I'd been a good hour up there taking photos!)
I came across this little stream. This area is just one of those nice little quiet places where parents can hang out with their kids while they explore and play. It's just opposite the Professor's camp area, but still pretty secluded.

With the stream/waterfall, it's pretty serene, too








Many people will agree with me when I say that this is one of the things that makes Disneyland so great. They didn't forget the beauty when they made the park.
Quiet, pretty places.





Speaking of Quiet, pretty places... from the tree house I managed to find my way over to
New Orleans square. I hadn't stopped into one of my favorite "quiet pretty places" in some time
so I hooked a left and went into the Courtyard of the Angels.



Wow, did I get a good picture:





I call this my homage to Thomas Kinkade.

I was just in the right spot at the right time, and took a good quality HDR set of photos.
The HDR (High Dynamic Range) software interpreted the multiple exposures into this image (with a bit of tweaking on my part as well).

This has quickly become one of my favorite images from Disneyland I've ever taken.

I'm thinking of making it available printed on canvas, it's so lovely.
I want to see it on MY wall, I bet many of you would, too!


I'm saving this spectacular desktop as a "thank you" to those who donate to the updates. contribute some funds through the paypal link below, and I will email the URL to you with my personal thank you.







See the Hydrangeas in the pot on the left in that "Kinkade" shot? I took a photo of those as well:



A nice dark exposure blurred out the background of the steps and the light coming into the courtyard illuminated the petals SO beautifully.

This too has become on of my favorite photos of all time.

It's insanely crisp and sharp, and yet has a diffused glow to it as well.
The power of a really good lens and a beautiful park like Disneyland, I tell you.

This photo too is saved as a "thank you" desktop wallpaper to those who donate through any of the paypal links.
While my trips to the park for photo updates last a few hours, I easily spend 15-20 hours or more
on every photo update sorting thru shots, tweaking them, creating 10 different sizes for every desktop I offer, creating and tweaking the webpage itself... it's a LOT of work.
...and I truly appreciate your donations.








meanwhile, back at the Courtyard of the Angels:

The little shepherd boy was a sight to photograph as well!









I tweaked this photo with software on my iPad.
Not as stunning as the "Thomas Kinkade" one, but I still like how it turned out!








As I wandered back towards Adventureland, I stopped to take a couple more photos of the Disneyland Roses that are along the walkway between "Pirates Of The Caribbean" and "Haunted Mansion". I thought these two with the Mark Twain in the background turned out pretty.







I actually use this one on my iPhone as a desktop wallpaper.
You can download it yourself by clicking here.

Then just send it to your iPhone email account, hold your finger down on the photo when you view the photo on the iPhone's email to save it to the camera roll. Then go to your camera roll and pull up the photo. Click on the "send to" icon (the envelope with the arrow coming out of it) and chose to "use as wallpaper".

(of course, you can get it onto your phone by syncing thru iTunes, too)









And here are a couple roses with the old mill in the background, too.








I took this tilt-shift shot from the bridge that goes over the queue for "Pirates".
You can see a lot of strollers here, but still not as many as there will be later on. It hasn't gotten too busy yet!








Back into Adventureland, I got this shot from the Indiana Jones Fastpass area.
I didn't plan on going on the "Indiana Jones" ride, but "The Jungle Cruise" is one of my favorite rides in the park, and this shot just made me want to climb aboard.








Let's go!








Climb right on in! Watch your head!
If you didn't watch your head, then watch your language!








Waiting for everyone to climb in, I took a couple shots of the area in front of the boat.








I've been up there once, but forget what this particular area is used for? Is it still queue, or is it a little display of an office for the cruise company? I forget.








And we're off!
Into the Cambodia area.








This always reminds me of "The Jungle Book"'s "Uncle Louie".

"Oh, I'm the King of the swingers, boy. A jungle V.I.P.!"








I really don't like alligators and crocodiles. The thought of them in the wild just drives me nuts.
Consequently I do not normally give this area a very good look.








But I WILL say that this statue reminds me VERY much of a certain "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie character.
Does anyone else see Tia Dalma (aka Calypso) in this statue?








Heading into the Elephant Bathing pool








I tried to take a shot without the flash on, but the boat was moving too fast.
I have when Jungle Cruise Skippers have to speed past areas in order to come back to the dock on time.

I wish Disney would allow the cruise to last about a minute longer so more jokes could be told and more time allowed to see all the great animatronics and sight gags that have been placed in the ride.

Did you know Ganesha here has a snake on his lap?
Something I never noticed before.








Not a bad shot of the elephant bathing pool.








The big shot always gets the private shower
(But me, I always like the little squirts)








Here's a desktop wallpaper for ya'
I love the look of glee on this elephant's face!
















The timing on this part of the cruise always amazes me.
I know in my head it's not that difficult, but still I get a little nervous every time!








This is one of those areas that skippers rush by nowadays. When the Jungle Cruise first re-opened
after it's big refurb back in 2005, they'd spend more time here.








The beautiful Schweitzer falls.
Once a mighty waterfall, now a three pronged trickle powered by a garden hose.

Well, that's how it feels sometimes anyway.








The elephant on the left was on vacation.

Yeah, he packed up his trunk and took a "leaf" of absence.








But his mother in-law stuck around.








Seems like they always over stay their welcome.








This area has been recently slimmed down and cleaned up.

I'd say it's looking mighty sveldt!










I got a million of 'em!










Did I mention it's 2-fer time?

So Cal and Florida residents have seen that Jungle Cruise Safari advertisement for the springtime "buy 1 park ticket and come back to the another park another day for free" for years now.

Clever, but I'm kinda' tired of it.








Here's the original, the first Hard Rock Cafe.


This just points out the first law of the jungle:
"Don't be a zebra"








I've always found this scene to be hysterical.
Ever since I was a little kid of about tree.












Great shot of the rhino here, but you can see the seams of the animatronic.
Just another case of a camera flash spoiling more magic than getting you a great picture.








open wider...









I'm at a floss for words.
















Looks like a pyramid scheme to me.

That last guy was really the top of the heap!

A head above all the others.

Don't worry about his passing though, he was a real raskull.








Weren't these guys once upon a time celebrating a lion kill?

I seem to recall that from my Disneyland history, but searching Google just gave me
a bunch of references to the lion kill of the zebra back in the African veldt scene.

Anyone remember?

Maybe I'm remembering the Disney World ride...

Which reminds me that handsome guy on the left? He's new to the ride.
yeah, he's a Fine Young Cannibal.

He drives me crazy, though.








Is that a gas mask?








Here we have the backside of Schweitzer Falls, named after the famous scientist
Dr. Albert Backside.

wait, what?
I think I got that one confused.








Don't go in the water!








interesting, yet somehow creepy, shot.















The brave skipper who took us out and even brought us back again.
YAY David!

(He was a good skipper... good jokes, spoke clearly, and slowed down in a couple places so I could get some good shots)





Having my fill of Adventureland (finally)
I remember one other place where I might get a good shot from above the crowds.





No, not here. it's not opened yet.
I told you that earlier!

Notice that the scaffolding is down on this side of the mountain, though.






As usual, while pausing here to take a photo of the mountain, I got distracted by flowers.

KNOWING that I had just posted in my last update flowers from here, I thought I'd maybe post a picture of the
flowers on VF's Facebook page from my iPhone.

You DO follow VF on Facebook, don't you?
We put up the latest Disneyland and Disney Studios news and when the staff is at the park
we'll usually post a photo or two that you won't get in any photo update
or sometime Facebook get's notification of the update first!




Anyway, I took this shot with my iPhone
(obviously I am loving this phone's camera)


I literally just held the phone down over the fence and close to the flowers, pointing up slightly.
The lens flare is real. I didn't add it with any app or Photoshop or anything.

All I did to this photo was boost the saturation a bit to get a little more "pop" out of the color.
Really, in the grand scheme of things photography-wise, I barely touched it at all.

Makes for a great desktop wallpaper too because of the base of the street light on the left side of the photo.








Here's "the other side of the mountain" scaffolding in place.








Monorail red glides by.








Now HERE is a great vantage point to look down on an area of the park!

I glided up the long ramp to the new entrance to the "attraction".
and got a few good shots from there:

(The word "attraction" is in quotes because I'm not attracted to it in the least)








I love Tomorrowland still, but there is SO MUCH wasted space here!




It feels sorta' like that old joke about "where's my flying car that I was promised when I was a kid? Where's my jetpack?"
Walt Disney promised us a clean, sleek moving version of the future and all we got to show for it now
is Space Mountain (Without the cool stage area), Star Tours (based on non-Disney fantasy movie) and Buzz Lightyear (based on fictional toys)

I love those rides, don't get me wrong. I just want more.
I at least want as much as what was there in the 60's!




I took this interesting picture with my digital camera and stitched it together with a free program called "autostitch".
(all my panorama's use that program, and have for years)

Love the fish-eye lens effect.
The banners on the left and right came out kinda' weird.

Luckily I (once again) had pulled out the iPhone and snapped pretty much the same sequence of photos:








I REALLY like this! The "ghosts" walking around below are a little distracting, but the banners came out much better.
I only wish Space Mountain wasn't blocked by the banners in this shot.

Believe it or not, it makes a pretty terrific desktop wallpaper, too!
The interesting thing is that even though it's not the correct size ratio for any computer monitor, it doesn't matter since the whole photo
is kinda' warped to begin with.

Click on the photo above for the larger version. If you want to try it out, you can right-click on it and choose to use it as a desktop wallpaper.
On my widescreen monitors (home and work) it's pretty cool!








Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the AstroOrbitor as one of the
Tomorrowland rides. While similar to the Rocket Jets of old, it just doesn't say
"Tomorrowland" to me like the shiny white rocket jets did.








Here's the AstroOrbitor ride while looking thru the Observatron.








THERE'S my Space Mountain!

(Here's a desktop wallpaper for ya, Dave!)








Seriously, is that a harpoon gun on the top of the Observatron?
What is that supposed to be?

"Honey I shrunk the park guests" machine???








Another shot through the loading area of the Peoplemover/Observatron.








Wow... getting kinda' crowded down there!

Time for me to adios, I think.








I know I took some shots like these in a "recent" photo update, but the sun going just behind
the one light pole/planet statue thing just caught my attention.








a pretty blue sky over Tomorrow land, huh?




anyway, with that I went into "salmon mode" and fought my way upstream to the front of Main Street and off to the Mickey And Friends
parking structure.


Since I've been on a "panorama" kick I got the whim to take a shot of the whole parking garage:

Pretty awesome, huh?

I love how this shot makes it look even bigger!
(once again, click on it for a gi-normous version to explore.)





and with that, I've come to the end of my photo update.

Thanks for hanging with me one more time friends, and for putting up with my sillyness.
Until next time:

Love uP!







DaddyB still uses a Canon 40D Digital SLR camera with
an assortment of Canon lenses and a Canon 580ex flash.