Welcome children and gather 'round as old DaddyB plays a little
show and tell of his recent trip to the happiest resort on earth.




La Brea Bakery is behind some serious construction walls.







I arrived about 20 minutes after the turnstyles opened, and already it's pretty much impossible to get a clean
shot of the Main Street Station and the Mickey Floral.

That's a pretty good sign of how busy the day is going to be.
No problem. I can roll with that.

Hakuna Mattata, baby.







Ready to leave the world of today and enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy?
Good! Me too!







As I was taking some shots of City Hall (which I nearly always do, I find)
All the Main Street Transportation was just coming out from behind the gates...







You don't see this very often!







City Hall - when did they add the podium on the portico?
Perhaps it's just a temporary kind of thing in anticipation of a busy day?







And the fire station with Walt & Lillian's apartment above.
Someday I will set foot in that apartment.


I wonder what the history is of that bell above the fire station?
You ever wonder about that? You just know there's gotta be a story behind it!

We should make something up, like it came from the fire station in Marceline, or Fort Collins...
or it was the bell that first rang for the great fire in Chicago and Mrs. O'Leary's cow.







I made this panoramic with my phone. I switched over to the dark side a little while ago, and I'm pretty pleased with the camera itself and all of the apps available for it.

That having been said, I may start including more photos from it in these updates. Will it replace my DLSR? No way. But it IS easier to carry around!

I also love the immediacy of uploading some good shots to the VisionsFantastic Facebook page.

What, you haven't "Liked" us on facebook yet???







About now I started snapping some flower shots.
I can't help myself!

I love the pastel out-of-focus background of this shot.







These purple and yellow flowers from the last couple photos were on either side of the steps leading up to the Main Street Station.







Here's Minnie greeting guests right in the band area of Main Street (where the flag pole is)








Here's the first desktop wallpaper of the update.
I love when the park first opens and the flowers all still have water on them from the irrigation system.








Here's a handsome beastie, nodding "Hello" to me as I walk past.

It was either that or "Back off, Buster".








The magic of Main Street U.S.A. where most anything can happen and the world is full of possibilities.








There are quite a few shots in this update that I'm not quite happy with. I'll try to capture it better another day.
But these benches are always so inviting for old guys like me. Many a time I've set myself down for a nice bout of people watching.








Just one of the many details that thousands of people pass by without noticing.








I love the time of year when these (cherry?) trees are in blossom.
It really makes "The Partners Statue" area seem like a park all unto itself.

The trees are Pau d'Arco, a Pink LaPacho or scientifically Tabebuia impetiginosa
Thanks to Tony for filling me in!

I want to point out that it was 57 years ago this month (in 1954) that Walt Disney announced TWO Disneylands.
One being the park he planned to build in a little city called "Anaheim" and the other a TV show on this
network called "ABC".


"Disneyland" the show started that fall in 1954.
About 10 months after that, Disneyland the park opened to the public.
Now THAT'S some Disney magic!

(of course the Walt Disney company now OWNS ABC, so that's not a bad trick too!)








I wasn't going to make this a desktop wallpaper until I viewed this picture on a tablet. The way the photo filled up the screen with riotous color was quite joyous and just shouted "SPRING!" to me.








The reflected light on this flower was SO-O beautiful, and those water droplets?

I'm such a flower photo nerd.








Gwarsh, where do I go next?








Wow! The colors of the hanging flowers pots match so well with the trolley!

(oof. Look at all the people in front of the castle)








The Castle and the Matterhorn.

...and lots of early morning shadows, but still some Disney magic happening here.








I walked around to the side of the castle from the last picture into Fantasyland.

The red, white and blue of the entrance to Pinocchio's Daring Journey caught my eye.








Hey, Pinocch!








"I got no strings to hold me down..."








I keep wanting to type "and now my favorite part of the park",
but heck, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that just about whatever area I happen to be in is my favorite!








It's kinda' tough to get a shot of this ride without people. The castmembers who work it are always so well organized that folks haven't yet cleared the area before they're letting new guests in to board.








and they're off!








From the Dumbo ride, I headed up the Big Thunder Mountain Trail.
These Irises caught my eye.








From irises to Cactus (Cacti?)
This was taken with my iphone, then I played with it a little.






A little scuff here and there, some bleach, some vignetting... and a white-(ish) frame, and VOILA!







Right behind me from the cactus and Big Thunder Mountain was this shot...
Lots of park benches is a clue that there's something pretty around here.







This comedy troupe (The Laughing Stock Company) has been around a while and still cracks me up.
I didn't get to hang around for long, but I did catch this line (as their picking people out of the audience as their "Family members")

"This is my sister "Faith" and this is my other sister "Charity"
"Faith" and "Charity"? Where's you other sister "Hope"?
"Oh, we lost Hope when we came out here and started this sketch. "


Ba-Boom, Baby!







Ooh, Disneyland roses!
Here's the Sailing Ship Columbia behind them.







Another pretty flower shot, with the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad behind it.









Here's another desktop!
New Orleans Station (Formerly Frontierland Station).

I call it "The Old Watering Hole".

(The Railroad engineers breakroom is in this building)







I'm standing in the exit ramp for the train, so I better clear out of here!!!









Anyone wanna guess where this is at???




If this is an easy question for you, then maybe you ought to start thinking about:

A day at Disneyland looking for answers to photo clues and answer trivia questions about
The Happiest Place On Earth.

More details will come later, but if you're at all interested and it's at all a possibility, then






And here's the answer to the question (well, kinda)






The Matterhorn is still closed for refurbishment, and will be until June.
But I gotta say, the paint job they're putting on this mountain is amazing.
The brown's are darker, really contrasting against the white "snow".















Anyway, The Matterhornut the colors! Oi!

Here's a nice close up of the summit and "Tinkerbell's Door".


Here's a cutaway illustration of the Matterhorn from several years ago, that many of you
would find interesting. Click on it for a larger image.

The graphic is older and obviously doesn't show the new cars that will be on the track
when the ride reopens in June. Gone will be the "intimate" lap straddle seating.

Now if they'd only put shock absorbers on the cars to ease the back pain I feel everytime
I extracate myself from this crazy thing!

Love the ride, though!

(Fantasyland side if the best)





Here's a better close up of the scaffolding, if you're into that sort of thing.
Nothing super secret going on here (that I can see, anyway)




Funny how when you look really close that it doesn't look like snow at all, but a kinda' spotty paint job.
But notice how the white follows a crevice between two boulder shapes, exactly how snow would settle.

that's cool.







and with that, I've come to the end of my photo update.


I am SO out of practice with these things. It's been AGES!
Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things, and there will be fewer pictures of flowers and
more pictures of rides, attractions, and things you might not normally notice while visiting
"Walt's Park".


Love uP!

DaddyB still uses his Excellent Canon 40D Digital SLR camera
topped with the magnificent Canon 510ex flash gun
with an assortment of Canon lenses.

although it needs to go into the shop for a "tune up" soon.