Daddy Bee Disneyland Photo Update

Hello, and welcome friends!
It's a great day for America!

(Not because I'm doing this photo update thing, it's a great day for America just because it is, ok?)

So-o-o-o, recently I visited the Disneyland Resort for a while, and here are some photos that I walked away with.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome, and I hope you enjoy them, too.




Alice was out visiting with guests who had just made it through the turnstiles as the great
Disneyland Band was playing.









Ahhhh... the WONDERFUL Disneyland Railroad... Walt's ultimate toy.









Now is it me, or did the Disneyland mail drops used to actually be postmarked "Disneyland"... or was that at Disneyworld Florida?
You'd think I know these things, huh?


I love these great old iron post boxes.










I never noticed where they were made before, though.









Pinnochio... in profile.











I love this building... along with the Opera House... but the Opera House is still closed for the re-installation of Abraham Lincoln.









Minnie was outside of the Fire Station (under Walt and Lillian's Apartment) posing for pictures.











and this is the first of many FREE desktop wallpapers to download.










I've rarely - don't know if I've ever - never seen two omnibusses on Main Street like this before.










Hey! I know this guy!

...and wherever you find Bert, you usually find...












If only I could fit into Bert's costume... sigh











"Practically perfect in every way."











The Disneyland Band has made it's way to the flag area










Trumpeters actually playing actual trumpets.











I wanna get one of these for my desk at work!

Art is a great band leader... not the best singer, but a great band leader.










The first of several flower shots.
Downloadable, too.


It's just that flowers are harder to find around the resort lately.










"Celebration Point" has been removed in preparation of the pumpkin Mickey's that come in here in a couple weeks.











But really, clover?

Honestly, the level of cheapness that has pervaded Disneyland's landscaping department really disgusts me.










Town Square is just FULL of characters today!










"Yo to the V and the F"











A little busy around here at the moment.










I like this shot. Even though it looks much busier than it is. Thanks to the compression of the zoom lens, it makes
it look like all of the people along Main Street are milling about in front of the castle.


They're not.










I had to stop in at the lockers, and took some pictures of these common garden variety flowers.
These planters used to hold huge Hydrangeas in perfect ball shapes.

Now they hold marigolds (or a variety thereof).











From the fruit cart at the front of Independence Avenue (or is it Edison Avenue?)










Keep in mind that I'm a product photographer and graphic artist now... these kind of shots fascinate me.




















One of my favorite little snacks (that I honestly sometimes sneak into the park on my own rather than pay those prices!)


Just what I need, one of the bag check attendants:
"Is that a cucumber in your pocket"???








I got stopped by one of those "delightful" bag check people a few weeks ago because she saw my
telephoto lens. It's not a big lens, but it is longer than all of my other lenses. Because it happened to
be the day of the annual marathon, she stated that paparazzi were not allowed into the resort.



WHEN will they figure out that because someone has a HOBBY and it sometimes intersects with Disneyland
it doesn't mean I'm going to go off stalking Reese Witherspoon and her children around California Adventure?!
Papparazi have lenses that START in the $1500 range. My zoom is about $600 brand new. It really doesn't take
a too well of a trained eye to say "Oh, that's just a camera bag of a camera nut, not someone trying to
make a living off shooting someone's picture who was here to run in a public marathon" ?


oh dear.
Here I go again.


Sorry for getting a little grumpy there.
I'll try to switch to a different Dwarf. Hopefully not











Another shot I doubt anyone has ever taken on purpose before.


Yup, with the lack of landscaping these days, I'm reduced to taking shots of Pickles and Pop.











Remember that "crowded" castle shot I took earlier?
Amazing what switching to a wide angle lens and waiting for a break in the crowd can do, huh?











As it happened, some Main Street Vehicles started coming at me, so I just kinda' hung out in the area
and got some nice postcard perfect shots.













I guess while I was in the lockers and taking shots of the soda pop, the horse-drawn trolley
made it's way around town square and back up to the castle again.











And here's ONE of the Omnibuses.











You can guess where I got this shot.

Notice the white border aorund the picture, signifying that it's a desktop wallpaper you can download.












Another very pretty flower that's grown in the lagoon area in front of the entrance to Adventureland.










Do you see the big ol' bug in the middle of the pictuers?
Funny thing, I didn't see it when I TOOK the picture. I only saw it when I got home.

One of those ugly beetles landed in my food later in the day.



Where did they come from? I've never seen Disneyland have bugs like this before!?












eew. moving on:










A duck!











This time of year, there are construction walls everywhere.
A price you pay for coming in the short "off season" of September.











They painted the planets on the Rocket Jets a while ago.
Looks better than the dusty gold, don't ya think?

One less little bit of the "New Tomorrowland" of the late 90's is just FINE by me.











An update to the ol' "Star Tours" ride has been officially announced.

I thought I'd just wander on in and take a few shots of the interior. It's been a while since I've done that.











"Right this way, sir"











Yeah, It's a desktop


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SO much to me and helps to bring even more photos and desktop wallpapers to your screen!



















Wouldn't it be great to take a tour over Hoth?

I think the update will be more "Pod Racer" than X wing Fighter.











I got some really nice shots in the main area. So many people pass through this area and don't even get to
hear all the patter of C3PO to R2D2.






















Just a jumble of wires and circuitry...






















" 'Droids are made to suffer such indignities."











"These breaks keep getting shorter and shorter".











"I've been working on the same 'Droid, all the live-long day"










All right. I'll admit it.

The Star Tours ride makes me pretty nauseous.

So I turned around and walked back out.











Here's a nice close-up of my favorite cheeky little 'droid.


No hologram of Carrie Fischer, though.











"It's a trap!"

"It's a flap!"

"It's a wrap!"

"It's a strap!"

"It's a lap!"

"It's a map!"

"It's a nap!"

"It's a rap!"

"It's a cap!"

"It's a tap!"

"It's a burlap!"











Ok... so when did they put up a wall around the big marble?












Space Mountain is currently closed as it's converted over, for the first time, to HAUNTED Space Mountain.

currently useful for Diaper changes, I guess.


(yes, this guy was doing that).











Since I was in the area, I decided to take a gander at "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage"























































Poor little Dory seems a little befuddled.

Of course, she LIVES in befuddled.











I thought for a little bit that Disney had added a couple of new seagulls in the lagoon. Similar to when
mermaids used to hang out in the lagoon.











well, maybe...











Ha Ha! Definitely not an animatronic!











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"It's a Small World" is still open... Remember it won't become "Small World Holiday" until November.
"Haunted Mansion" is closed currently for IT'S transformation to "Nightmare Before Christmas".









My eye is on this Sparrow.











I love these little sparrows.











They come for the seeds in the shrubs, I think.











Here are just a couple of closeups of "IASW" that thousands of people pass by every day.











Many of the ornamental tops to the spires of "It's A Small World" are replicas of charms from the charm
bracelet of Imagineer Leota Thomas, who worked on the ride. Leota is very well known for her
vocal work (and her head!) as "Madame Leota" in the Haunted Mansion ride. The other imagineers who
worked on IASW were so "charmed" by her bracelet, they incorporated them into the ride!

Isn't that cute!?







With train











without train











This wall is along the walkway from the Princess Fantasy Faire back to Fantasyland. I found this particular
set of "stones" that were somewhat symetrical...

"Hmmm" I thought to myself...


and a new background for DaddyB updates is born!

Feel free to click on the above picture for the darkened stone image to download yourself, should you want it.
It took a little work and photochopping to make it happen, but I like the end result!











One of my favorite rides to photograph.
This time I tried to keep my lens above head level.











Pretty cool, huh?











"you are getting sleepy... ve-r-r-y sle-e-e-e-e-py..."














You can guess I'm heading along the Big Thunder Trail now... close to the new Bar-B-Que... one of the world's most
expensive BBQ's, but still...












This is pretty much what passes for flora nowadays at Disneyland.
Either cheap pallets of flowers from the garden department at Woolworth, or these scrub thingys.


They've even planted TREES in the flower pots along the Big Thunder Mountain Trail instead of the lovely colorful flowers that used to overflow the
barrel shaped pots !!!!


Even the "smokers area" where Chilis and such used to be planted is just filled in with dirt and low-lying shrubs.




I'm sorry to be such a griper, but really, Disney.
It's time to remember one of the inspirations of Disneyland was the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

You've even recently released a book "

"Secrets of Disney's Glorious Gardens"

... back in 2006 and then took almost all of them out!!!


PLEASE bring the floral life back to Disneyland!
Green is nice, but there needs to be LOADS more color to bring cheer into this happy place!




I love the look of thrill on the little girls face in the front.











What would have been a decent shot turned out really pretty great in my eyes because of the
joy of the girl in the front.




















I get that old West feelin'










This is becoming my oldest daughter's favorite ride.













This little flower seems to have found it's way in the desert strewn Southwest atmosphere of Frontierland













A little spot of color in a sea of greens and browns.












Sort of a rorschach test... what do you see in these sticks?










you get a line, I'll get a pole...










Coming into the landing.












Even the lovely roses have largely all seen better days.
I'm going to stop griping. Really I am.

I just love this area of the park to keep on about this.









Sometimes, in my opinion, the background can make the shot as much as the foreground...










Like this!


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and sometimes, no background at all makes the shot happen, too.
You just wouldn't know this was taken at Disneyland, would you?









But this one might remind you that we're in the happiest place on Earth!









What would a DaddyB Photo Update be without a new version of this shot?









dead grass here... lots of it.



I'm just sayin'.









It was busy enough at this point (thanks to those "Free on your birthday" visitors, I suspect) for it to
impossible to get a shot of the castle from straight on with no one in the shot.


There was a time when after Labor Day the park was very, very quiet.
not so much this year!


or the year before



or before that...





Saying my thanks to Walt and his partner, I start to head over to
California Adventure to see what's going on over there.


I really only had a short time left before I had to leave, so I had better ski-daddle.









The blue afternoon sun tempted me into taking this picture.









Don't worry, they're not dismantling the big letters for the new entrance to the park yet.










The wall ends way before the letters.
I suspect they're just upgrading and installing the named paving stones again.









I just couldn't make myself go into this ride. It exemplifies to me everything that is
wrong about California adventure. Even when the original ride ("Superstar Limo") was so bad that it failed within
it's first year (or so), instead of investing some serious money to make it right, Disney did an "overlay" to make it
into a Pixar ride, and slapped a cheap plywood facade on the ride's entrance. Even the pipes and such inside the
queue area are only PAINTED on the wall, instead of being given any kind of 3d effect.

Then to top it off, a short while later as part of a "beautification project" they drop in this uninspired statue of Mickey.









Even this ride, as well themed as the interior is, is just a rehash of the same ride at other parks...
and warmed over rehash at that. A pale shadow of the original ride, to keep the budget down.








Seriously, there is SO little to do in this area of DCA, even Mr. and Mrs. Incredible gathered a large crowd.

Is Bob looking a little flabby around the middle, or is that just me?
In the movie, didn't he like, lift trains to get into shape before he started wearing that red costume?

Eelasti-girl still works for me, though.








Escaping into the cool lobby of the Animation Studios (where absolutely no animation is actually done)
I was startled to see this working for me.
I had never noticed this as a possible shot before!


Using it as a desktop actually kinda' makes my computer look like I might be one of those cool animation dudes I
used to dream about being all those decades ago.









I was struck by the awesome golds of the Brown eyes Susans... they always appear there this time of year, and I guess
they're inexpensive enough to be placed there again.










And I came up with this shot... this one I'm pretty happy with:

I love the sharpness, I love the colors... it says "Fall with a hope of Spring" to me.








Alrighty, just a few shots of falling water off the bear's back (which I haven't taken in years, I swear) and I GOTTA
get back home.

It's hot. My feet are tired, My knee is shot, ... heck! Even my camera is hot!
(and that's not good).















and as you might guess, from here I walked out of the park, to the parking lot tram, and to my car...
Cranked up the A/C and headed back to "The 91"

Thanks for taking the trip around the resort with me!
Let's hope those construction walls come down soon (and the flower beds get planted soon, too!)


So anyway, take of yourselves

Until next time we meet ...

Love uP!

(aka Brett Garrett)






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