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All photos on this page: Brett “DaddyB” Garrett (C)

Past DaddyB Updates:

October 12, 2012

October 12 2012 Disneyland on your Desktop Photo Update

This update showcases Halloween 2012 Decor around the park, with stylized photos of The Columbia and The Mark Twain. Also, exterior shots of the Haunted Mansion decorated as ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, along with some fabulous “low light” shots of Pirates of the Caribbean!

Alice Davis

May 10 2012 – Alice Davis Main Street Window Dedication and Ceremony

Costume Designer for many beloved attractions including The Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World, Alice Davis, wife of the late Marc Davis, Imagineer, was dedicated a window on Main Street USA. This update if of the Dedication Ceremony on May 10, 2012. Featured are Alice Davis, Bob Iger, Disney CEO.

April 29 2012

April 29 2012 – Disneyland on your Desktop Photo Update

This mega huge update features beautiful springtime floral shots, along with a tour of Tarzan Treehouse, a recently refurbished The Jungle Cruise (complete with attacking piranha), and various shots around Adventureland, finishing with beautiful shots of a recently repainted Tomorrowland.


April 4 2012

April 4 2012 – Disneyland on your Desktop Photo Update

This update features springtime floral and shots of Main Street USA, Frontierland and Fantasyland, along with shots of a under-refurbishment-Matterhorn Bobsleds. Also prominently featured are Sleeping Beauty Castle, Dumbo Flying Elephant and the New Orleans Square train station.