Visions Fantastic hopes to become your new Disneyland Social Network. We’ve improved many of the functions of the website and made the processes familiar to you. We hope to get discussions going in our Discussion Forums, but you can also post updates on your own pages or start a specific Group if you have a particular subject you’d like to share with others on an ongoing basis.

New Facebook Login

Use Facebook to log into your account, eliminating the need to register a new account and remember a new password!

No Spam/Advertising

Part of our ongoing commitment is that we have no advertising on our pages or on our Visions Fantastic Radio station. We rely on donations from our members who have been gracious to support us, but all of our services are available for free. If you wish to become a Premium Member, you’ll get special discounts to our upcoming Events.

We won’t sell your personal information to other companies – your private information is safe with us.

Log in, or Register to get Started!

If you have a previous account that you need help resetting your password, contact me at chris@visionsfantastic.com

Your Disneyland Social Network

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